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Cinematherapy Comfort Watching TV Shows and Movies

And THIS is why I’m binge watching the Brady Bunch on Hulu: It’s Cinematherapy comfort watching for when you want to relive the perfect childhood you didn’t have and handle no greater stressor than listening to two siblings in the family room squabble about who stole Bobby’s kazoo or Marcia’s list of campaign slogans for her student council president run. Bradys, take me away! NPR has it right: Returning to Old Favorites (Comfort TV and Books and Music Is a New Trend)
When you want pure escapism, a Happy As the Day Is Long movie or series can help you forget your troubles, stop worrying about the future, and immerse yourself in a bubble bath world as part of your own self-care. Let your cortisol levels drop and remember, the future is unknown, so you might as well imagine it to be a place filled with unicorns and rainbows where every problem reaches a heart-warming, chuckle-worthy denouement in 22 minutes.
Happy As the Day Is Long_ Cinematherapy comfort watching

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