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Good Luck to You, Leo Grande: A Finding Your Voice Movie

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (2022)

Stars: Emma Thompson, Daryl McCormack

Director: Sophie Hyde

Writer: Katy Brand

The modest hemlines, conservative floral blouses, and sensible pumps befit a sixtysomething religious education teacher charged with the moral instruction of girls who are far too infused with hormones—although that may change as evidenced by the latest goal on the To Do list of Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson). Emerging from mourning her husband’s death two years previous, Nancy is ready to reclaim her own vitality, and for her, that means a big, fat, exquisitely delicious orgasm, which would be her first ever. To this end, she has contracted for the services of Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack), a sex worker who is presumably without any STDs and certainly free of figure flaws and ulterior motives. Leo just wants to provide professional services, and his focus on others has nothing whatsoever to do with his relationship with his mother… Yeah, Nancy’s going to go there, which will not make Leo happy. But she can’t help herself.

True, a woman could find herself aroused simply by watching Leo absentmindedly scratching his ass, so perfect a specimen of male physical perfection is he. But despite Nancy’s clear attraction to his six-pack abs, piercing eyes, and gently encouraging demeanor, she cannot shake decades of indoctrination into prioritizing the needs of others. She apologizes for everything she says or doesn’t say, asks if he is truly comfortable with his work, and is quite concerned about his well-being given that he surely gets himself into some dangerous and emotionally dicey situations. Leo is patient, gentle, and a textbook example of non-toxic, delicious masculinity—but will he remain that way as her anxiousness drives her to push his emotional boundaries? Who is the teacher and who is the student? And will ticking off boxes on the sexual positions list restore her sense of entitlement to pleasure? Or does “self-love” need to be prioritized over specific positions she has only read about?

 Watch Good Luck to You, Leo Grande when you need a reminder to prioritize yourself and your joy and restore your ability to gaze at yourself with love and appreciation.

Good Luck to You Leo Grande: A Cinematherapy Finding Your Voice movie illustration

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